What is letterpress?

Letterpress is the most old school style of printing developed by Johannes Gutenberg where you use a relief block to print your image or text. The process of relief printing gives a very distinctive impression and a tactile experience, making it very different from the offset printing that is commonly used today.


Why does it cost so much?

Letterpress requires a lot of hand work and attention to detail as each piece of paper is guided through the press by hand. Ink colors are also mixed by hand and every color in a letterpress project requires a different plate set up and print run. 

Letterpress printing creates a distinct experience, making your project memorable and refined. In this day and age, we often don't get a tactile experience so using letterpress will enhance your special event, business and/or art. 

Letterpress is eco-friendly and artisanal.


Is my design good for letterpress?

Designs that are enhanced by letterpress are typically line art with a variety of thin and thick lines which accentuate the printing impression. The use of patterns and positive and negative space creates a tactile experience.

Designs that are not as suitable for letterpress are heavy solids of color. Due to the nature of letterpress the inking will have a peppery look and may not be as saturated as you want.

Letterpress is not suitable for very shiny metallic printing or white ink on dark paper. You will need foil printing to achieve that look. The metallic inks in letterpress have a more subtle sheen.


What is the typical turnaround for a custom job?

If your design is in vector form and ready to print a minimum of two weeks turnaround time is needed. There will be a fee for any custom work that needs expedited.


My friend/family/lover offered to design my wedding invitations/stationery/business cards. What advice can I give them?

We get really nerdy when we see a design that is made for letterpress. When an artist create designs with letterpress concepts in mind the outcome is spectacular! We have no problem giving creative advice during the creation of your design if we have a retainer fee for the project. If you are still shopping for your printer we can also offer advice for a fee and credit your account for that fee if you decide to work for us.



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