About the presses

Meet Lola

She is a 1970 Vanercook and a true looker. She is super friendly so all of our classes are taught on this lovely lady. Lola loves large format printing, taking her time and giving very deep impressions. Most of our art prints and wedding invites are produced on her. Come on over and give her a crank!


Meet Betsy

She is a 1910 C&P and oh how we love her! But be careful! Her looks are deceiving and she can be quiet intimidating. For this reason she remains monogamous to the master printer, Madeleine, and is not available for classes. Betsy loves to go fast and hard so we use her for mass production projects and our sweet coasters.


Meet Sweet Pea

This little table top sweetie is a Noland Proofing Press from the 1950's. We use this press for proofing type in our classes, eventually bringing our work to Lola for the finished product.




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